FIFA’s Walter de Gregorio fired after telling funny joke about Sepp Blatter on Swiss TV [Video]

On Thursday afternoon it was announced that Walter de Gregorio – FIFA Director of Communications and Public Affairs – had stepped down with immediate effect.

It emerged soon after that he had been asked to leave by Sepp Blatter after telling a funny joke about the outgoing FIFA president, Jérôme Valcke and himself.

Considered one of Blatter’s top aides, Walter de Gregorio told the following joke on Swiss TV.

“Sepp Blatter, myself and Jérôme Valcke are in a car. Who’s driving?

“The Police!

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Twelve FIFA official were arrested in Zurich recently and the FBI are trying to take down president Sepp Blatter amidst corruption allegations.

The 78 year old president is due to step down in December despite winning the recent FIFA election to stand for a fifth term.