Top 10 Goals of the Week

For once its been a horrible time to be an Italian football fan. The Azzurri exited the Confederations Cup with their tails between their legs after being thumped by Brazil in their final match, having already been put in their place by Egypt in the game previous. Looking old, tired and past-it the Azzurri definitely need a pick-me-up before next year’s finals if they don’t want to replicate France’s miserable showing back in 2002.

On the plus side, over in Sweden the Azzurrini have shown some reasons to be cheerful, which neatly brings us to the attempt of week. Playing against the hosts in what was expected to be a tight battle, Italy strolled to victory with Sebastian Giovinco looking special in the centre of the park. The Atomic Ant’s guile and vision should give way to a brilliant career and the Juve midfielder came within inches of scoring a beauty from 45-yards out. (Watch here.)

On the downside, Mario Balotelli put his name forward for the schmuck of the week list by recklessly getting himself sent off against the Swedes. After having lost possession Balotelli then lost his head, stupidly throwing himself into a needless challenge to pick up his first half marching orders. And then there was the sulk followed by the petulant “what me?” look to boot. Dumbass!

But the winner of this week’s prize is little known Seattle Sounders’ centre-half Tyrone Marshall who scored a fine own goal with just three minutes on the clock to hand DC United a share of a 3-all draw. Kasey Keller’s reaction said it all!

Onto the list, where, if you weren’t expecting it, we have a collection that could battle it out with the best.

Of note, the U21 match between Sweden and Belarus threw up three magical strikers (goals 2, 3 and 4), however the balk of the list is injected with a South American flavour that stays true to the common stereotypes. That includes a slick and skillful strike at goal 8, an incredible curling effort at goal 6, a thunderbolt of a goal at position 10, and two overhead-volleys at places 6 & 9.

As always, all we ask is that you sit back and enjoy!

1. Giuseppe Rossi (United States v Italy, June 15, 2009)

2. Sergei Kyslak (Sweden U21 v Belarus U21, June 16, 2009)

3. Marcus Berg (Sweden U21 v Belarus U21, June 16, 2009)

4. Gustav Svensson (Sweden U21 v Belarus U21, June 16, 2009)

5. Mahmood Abdulrahman (Bahrain v Uzbekistan, June 17, 2009)

6. Milovan Mirosevic (Universidad Catolica v Santiago Morning, June 17, 2009) (pictured)

7. Henrique (Sao Paulo v Cruzeiro, June 18, 2009)

8. Maicon (United States v Brazil, June 18, 2009)

9. Armando Pulido (Chivas USA v Tigres, June 19, 2009)

10. Leo Gago (Avai v Fluminense, June 20, 2009