Spurs starlet Dele Alli takes on Chelsea playmaker Cesc Fabregas at FIFA 16 (Video)

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It looks like Dele Alli’s punch and Claudio Yacob’s midriff have scuppered the best plans of EA Sports.

On Wednesday, the enormously popular YouTuber Spencer FC published a FIFA 16 video on his channel featuring Spurs starlet Dele Alli and Chelsea playmaker Cesc Fabregas.

This coming Monday would have seen an on the pitch battle between Alli and Fabregas but that now looks super unlikely with the Spurs youngster set for an FA ban after punching Claudio Yacob in the 1-1 draw with West Brom on Monday.

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Somewhat luckily for Chelsea, it looks like Dele Alli will miss both Spurs games in the Premier League this season, with the MK Dons also suspended for the previous clash in December.

First off, Spencer FC and Cesc Fabregas play Lloyd Griffith before Alli makes his appearance for a 2 on 2 game.

Among the highlights are Dele Alli describing Harry Kane as the “best finisher” he has ever seen.

And, Fabregas scores a worldie with Eden Hazard, whereby he cracks a joke…

End Credit: “Cesc Fàbregas and Dele Alli were appearing ahead of the launch of the EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Team of the Season. Visit www.easports.com/uk/fifa/ultimate-team for the squad announcements from April 29th.”


Should Willian be in the TOTY?
Fabregas: He’s had a very good year especially when the team was not really performing at the right level, and he was very consistent.

Who are some of the other midfielders that you think have done well?
Fabregas: I think obviously the Leicester midfield have have played really really well this year and new players like Dele Alli as well.

Who’s the Number One on your team sheet?
Fabregas: In my team, probably De Gea. He saves Man United so many points at the end of the season.

Dele you’ve had a great season, would you put yourself in TOTS?
Alli: I’m a bit modest, so probably not, but it has been a good year!

Leicester have had a good run with their English players this year – Vardy; is he going in?
Fabregas: Yeah for me he has to be there.

How good is Harry Kane?
Alli: He deserves all the credit he gets. He is the best finisher I have ever seen. He’s always working on it.