Genius: One FPL manager has had 3 hat-tricks from 3 successive captains

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This is how you win Fantasy Premier League!

If you get your captain choices correct then its possible to absolutely blow away the opposition.

A specific player has been flagged up on the Reddit Fantasy Premier League page for picking three successive captains who all scored hat-tricks.

First it was Alexis Sanchez who claimed a hat-trick at Leicester and generally tore apart The Foxes.

Then came Sergio Aguero’s five-goal haul against Newcastle when the Argentine ran riot.

Yesterday it was the turn of Raheem Sterling, arguably the hardest of all three to call. Whilst Bournemouth at home always looked like an easy game for Manchester City, the England winger has never really looked like a regular scorer of goals.

This is what those captains all look like:

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 09.36.41

So, who to captain next week?

With the Manchester derby coming on Sunday, as Manchester United’s tight defence takes on a Manchester City side without David Silva and Sergio Aguero, we suspect most managers will plump for Alexis Sanchez – at home to Everton.

As both Eden Hazard and Riyad Mahrez started on the bench yesterday, both those tricky midfielders may be out of bounds as captain choices.

It is probably best to wait until after the Champions League and Europa League matches this midweek though before making your picks…

See the best of the Fantasy Premier League reaction to Raheem Sterling’s hat-trick below.