Zoopla will end West Brom sponsorship at end of season due to Anelka’s quenelle Nazi gesture [Tweets]

While we still wait to see what charges are brought to Nicolas Anelka for his quenelle gesture from the FA, West Brom’s commercial sponsor Zoopla have now had their say on the matter.

On December 28th, West Brom’s French striker Anelka provoked outcry and claims of anti-Semitism after the 34-year-old displayed the quenelle Nazi gesture after scoring against West Ham.

Anelka took to Twitter to defend his actions claiming it was simply a special dedication to his comedian friend Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, however that explanation proved wholly unsatisfactory to many as the French comic is known for his anti-Semitic beliefs and ant-Jewish jokes.

As we wait to see if Anelka will be banned from football for his offensive gesture, Zoopla, the property company who sponsor the Baggies, have announced that will end sponsorship deal with West Brom at the end of season due to Anelka’s actions.

Zoopla is co-owned by Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman.

Below are a series of tweets reacting to the news that Zoopla are more appalled by Anelka then the governing body of football, so far.

Nicolas Anelka