Zlatan challenges a female reporter to come to his house with her sister to see if he is gay (video)

The big smutty story of the weekend in Spain has centred around a picture of Barcelona teammates Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique which caught the twosome in a close embrace and sparked wild rumours that the pair are homosexual.

Looking to get to the bottom of the story, one annoying Spanish reporter tracked down the Swedish striker and cornered the forward on confirming his sexual preference.

Initially ignoring the female reporter’s question of “Ibra, what do you think of the photo?,” a few minutes later the Barcelona hitman called the woman over to his car and offered a very telling response to her question.

Zlatan: “Come to my house and you’ll see if I’m gay… And bring your sister!”

Footage of the confrontation between Zlatan and the reporter, with English subtitles, can be seen here.