Zlatan is in Brazil: Ibrahimovic arrives at Rio Airport for World Cup [Picture]

With Sweden failing to make the World Cup, a (probably Nike sponsored) campaign was started earlier this year to get the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Brazil.

Even if he couldn’t play, the footballing world wanted one of the world’s greatest footballers to be in Brazil for the greatest show in earth, and several videos were released, featuring the likes of Daniel Alves, Ronaldo, Bebeto, and even Anderson Silva pleading with Ibra to make the trip.

Zlatan’s been en route for a little while now, having been spotted hanging out in the US over the past few days, and now Zlatan has finally made it to Brazil.

He posted a phone message of himself at the airport, with the ecstatic message, ‘I’m in Rio!”

Arriving fashionably late, classic Ibra.