Zimbabwe band butcher the Brazil national anthem

Did Benjani have a word with the Zimbabwean orchestra before the match?

He may just have – as they decided to play the Hino Nacional Brasileiro like a teenage band camp, getting their wires horribly crossed, and after several false starts, eventually managed to play their very own special 2010 remix.

Alas, Zimbabwe’s interpretation went down like a lead balloon. While most of the Samba boys eventually saw the funny side of it, others were justifiably perplexed.

Brazilians are fiecrcly proud of representing the iconic 5-starred shirt and their singing of their anthem is a sight to behold, as they bellow along in unison. Moreover, with their colonial slave history, participating in Africa’s first World Cup is particularly significant for A Seleccao.

The Brazilian players’ reactions to the 3 minute and 22 second thumb-twiddling, tumbleweed interlude seemed to fittingly reflect some of their characters.

Lucio (2:07),  hard-as-nails captain in the image of his coach, allowed himself a brief chuckle, then re-intensified his facial muscles, as if to say, “Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be – let’s get it on!”

Fabigol, (1:46)  unimpressed with their surprise rendition – looked decidedly browned off with the whole debacle, and seemed to be forcing expletives back down his throat through an innovative face-licking technique.

Julio Caesar, under no illusions that his presence served any great purpose last night (before he succumbed to injury), had a “What am I actually doing here moment,” (2:58) and started fidgetinig uncontrollably.

Maicon, renowned for his Olympian energy and concentration levels, remained unflinched throughout, and, fist firmly on heart, decided to make-do with the remixed version and sing along!

The penny finally dropped for Robinho at 2: 18, when he turned to Kaka’ and said “Ol Benji’s gone and stitched me up!”

Zimbabwe’s 2010 Brazil national anthem mix can be seen here.

(By Paul Morrissey)