Clued up! MUTV pundit Paddy Crerand’s angry dismissal of Fergie rumours hours before he quit

One of the biggest losers in the Sir Alex Ferguson quitting Manchester United story is MUTV pundit Paddy Crerand.

Early on Wednesday morning Crerand, known for being a firebrand with forthright opinions, took part in an interview with Irish radio station Newtalk in which the talking-headed angrily dismissed rumours of Fergie quitting as “rubbish”.

Newstalk Breakfast’s Oisin Langan got an earful from Crerand, including the following quotes:

God Almighty! I think people must sit up at night and wonder ‘what can i do make up a sensational story?!’… I was with lots of poeople from Old Trafford [for three to four hours yesterday] and there wasn’t a murmur about it… I think it’s a load of rubbish. I can’t believe it for one minute that the manger is thinking of leaving!

I just think its the crazy season… You tell me any one of the newspaper reporters who have go tthat story have actually spoken to anyone at Manchester United and they have said that Alex Ferguson is quitting!

The interview continued for seven, excellent minutes.

Listen to Paddy Crerand’s hilarious interview on Wednesday categorically denying that Alex Ferguson was quitting Old Trafford below.