Young Kiwi Louis Fenton scored a lovely Paradinha-Neeskens penalty combo v Croatia (U20 WC)

It’s not often you see the old Neeskens pen these days, stroked straight down the middle just as the Dutch star used to do for Barcelona in the 70s.

So young Kiwi Louis Fenton gets even more props for perfectly combining it with a Paradinha, stalling (but not stopping) his run up twice to dupe the keeper into committing and diving early.

When you consider Cristiano Ronaldo often used to try and fail with this technique (Moscow final), it deserves all the more respect from an U20 player.

New Zealand traipse home with the wooden spoon having failed to win a single point in their three games, but they played some good stuff and competed in each game, but Fenton’s cool pen at least gave them some nice consolation to remember.

Respect lad!

Watch Louis Fenton’s Paradinha-Neeskens penalty combo v Croatia (U20 WC)