Younes Kaboul leaves Spurs to sign for Sunderland, despite lack of earthquake in the North East

Younes Kaboul has signed for Sunderland, after spending the past five seasons at Tottenham.

The French centre-half initially made a bright start to his time at White Hart Lane, but had really lost his way over the past two seasons, to the point that few Spurs fans will be mourning his departure.

Kaboul’s status at the Lane had fallen so low towards the end that he made just 15 appearances last season, and a transfer looked inevitable this summer.

With Jan Vertonghen and Eric Dier standing in his way, there was realistically no way back into the team for Kaboul.

Sunderland are the side who will have the privilege of the 29-year old’s services next season, which is funny, as back in 2008 his agent had said that:

“Younes would not join Sunderland – even if there was an earthquake”.

Which doesn’t actually make any sense when you think about it: why would you join a club if there was an earthquake?!