You’are A Disgrace: Cristian Chivu (Inter Milan) slugs Marco Rossi (Bari) in the face

Cristian Chivu is gonna be in big trouble.

Inter Milan’s experienced Romanian centre-half has landed himself in hot bother after committing a brutal punch in his side’s match with Bari on Thursday night.

Making the incident so shocking was the complete lack of necessity for the assault. At no point was there even the hint of a good reason why Cristian Chivu thought it was ok to smacked Marco Rossi in the face. But yet he did so anyway.

With all eyes away from the Inter box as an attack was cleared, Chivu, clear as day, took his right fist and planted a slug right in Rossi’s kisser. It was sly, vicious, hate-filled and likely to lead to a mega-ban for Chivu.

Watch Cristian Chivu slug Marco Rossi in the face.

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