You Little Squirt! Linesman loses it in Brazil

This is a brilliant video captured during a friendly match last Sunday in Brazil between little known outfits Paysandu and Cameta.

The incident came about after a Paysandu player was left grounded on the floor, which the player requiring medical assistance. As this was happening, linesman Celio Cavalcante left his touchline to also enquire about the well-being of the player, which soon sparked the controversy.

Cue the nonsense.

With linesman Cavalcante trying to poke his nose into the situation, Paysandu’s Carlos Eduardo appeared to take umbrage with the assistant referee’s curiosity, and in response the defender decided to shower the linesman with his water bottle. The squirt of water sent Cavalcante ballistic, with players forced to restrain the match official from attacking Eduardo in his all consuming rage.

Carlos Eduardo was sent off for his behaviour, although after the match the defender was unashamed of his behaviour saying “I just threw some water on his head, but no regrets.”

The incident can be seen here.