You Liars! Anderson says his interview claiming players want out of Man United was fabricated [Instagram]

Anderson never slagged off Manchester United and any quotes suggesting otherwise are made up lies, so says the Brazilian.

Early in the afternoon on Monday, the Manchester Evening News published quotes attributed to Anderson from his Fiorentina presser in which the midfielder was said to have claimed that plenty of players want out of Old Trafford.

The quotes published by the Manchester Evening News read:

I’m sure that lots of players want out, especially players like myself and Nani who have been in Manchester for seven or eight years.

Manchester United is a huge club, a club that does everything for its players but sometimes a footballer wants to leave just to experience a different way to play football, to learn something as well.

Whilst those quotes have no been republished hundreds of times on numerous websites, Anderson took to Instagram on Monday evening to deny ever making such comments. In an post strap-lined with the message “People know me love this club Never never my life give this interview…”, Anderson wrote:

The Man United blog “The People’s Person” have since delved into the matter further in an attempt to discover what exactly Anderson said at his Fiorentina presser. Crucially, they claim that there is no mention of the Brazilian saying he was sure that lots of players wanted to leave United.

Anderson’s real quote was as follows:

All the players have it. Especially me and Nani, who have been in Manchester for eight years, or other players who have been for a long time in the same place. Sometime the players want to change. Despite Manchester United being a huge club, a club that did everything for us, sometimes a footballer must change a bit and have a different experience, change his football to learn something as well.

We that being the case, it looks like poor Anderson has had his words twisted in order that press in England make a fresh mountain out of a molehill.