You Hypocrite! Shakhtar goal cheat Luiz Adriano complains after Zenit score from a sneaky free-kick

Shakhtar Donetsk forward Luiz Adriano has some giant cojones.

Back at the end of November the Ukrainian-based Brazilian striker established himself as public enemy number one after the attacker scored a disgraceful goal against Nordsjælland in the Champions League.

To rewind, Luiz Adriano broke footballing fair-play convention when he seized upon a returned pass towards the Nordsjælland keeper from a drop-ball to round the goalie and score.

On Tuesday Luiz Adriano was back in action as his Shakhtar team took on Zenit St. Petersburg in a friendly, and just after the half hour the Russians levelled the match as a quick, sneaky free-kick was played to Konstantin Zyryanov and the 35-year-old pro slipped a tidy shot into the far post.

But then came Donetsk’s cry-baby reaction.

Unhappy at thinking Zenit took an illegal free-kick the Ukrainian players, Luiz Adriano included, started whinging to ref that the goal should be ruled out. Happily the officials ignored those protests.

Karma is a bitch.

Watch Zenit’s sneaky goal & Shakhtar’s bad reaction below.