You Flamin’ Galah: Fernando De Moraes (South Melbourne FC) vs Sunshine Georgies

In equal parts funny and deplorable, we have a brilliant clip to show you from last weekend’s action in Australia between South Melbourne FC and the Sunshine Georgies in the Victorian league.

Sadly the footage fails to capture the start of the sequence of events, but it is fair to assume that we join the video as South Melbourne’s Fernando De Moraes (pictured) is found preparing to take a throw-in after the superbly named Sunshine Georgies had kicked the ball into touch due to an injury to a teammate, or something similar.

As is footballing convention, the rule of thumb in such circumstances is for the opposing team to return the ball to the side that brought about the stoppage in the first place. And, sticking to the letter of the custom, Fernando De Moraes did just that as he throw the ball back to the visitors’ keeper in order to restart proceedings.

What happened next was pure comedy.

Having thrown the ball back, the visiting keeper turned his back on De Moraes, expecting that he’d be given even more time to line up his kick once the game had restarted. Such an assumption though proved to be misplaced as De Moraes quickly chased down the ball, nicked possession off the goalie, and stuck the ball in the net. To cap things off, De Moraes then celebrated his goal in an amazingly over-the-top manner.

Fernando De Moraes’ cheeky goal against the Sunshine Georgies can be seen here.

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