Yet another Greek tradegy: PAOK fans clash with the police

More unsavoury scenes of football violence were sprawled over Greek TV screens on Sunday night after seven riot policemen and five PAOK fans were reported injured during an hour-long attack by PAOK fans who threw rocks, bottles and firebombs before Sunday’s game with Olympiakos in the Greek Super League.

According to reports, PAOK fans, most of them without tickets, had gathered outside the ground to ambush Olympiakos’s team bus on arrival. But savvy to to troublemakers plans, a heavy police was deployed to protect the footballers, sparking the mob to turn their focus on the police. A police vehicle was set on fire and three officers were slightly injured, with the law responding by using tear gas to disperse the fans.

Tear gas was also used inside the stadium after PAOK fans threw several projectiles at Olympiakos players who came onto the field to warm up causing a melee in which some fans were forced from their seats to seek refuge on the pitch to escape the fumes in the stands.

A report from Greek television into the violence can be seen here.