Yet another British football violence film: “Awaydays” (trailer)

With the summer fast approaching, long days devoid of football, it seems that the movie houses are planning to fill the vacuum with more British films linked loosely with the beautiful game.

On May 22nd “Awaydays” will open nationwide, a film based around the football casuals scene of the late 1970’s in England. With the essential ingredients of mindless violence, drugs, sex and music, director Pat Holden is hoping to cash in at the box office with the adaption of Kevin Sampson’s bestselling novel.

The film centres on Paul Carty, a spirited 19-year-old whose mother died a year ago. Living in sterile suburbia with his family, Carty works as a junior civil servant and spends all his wages on gigs, clubs, records and football. It’s at a match that he meets Elvis.

According to the official blurb, “Elvis changes everything. He’s part of a gang called The Pack. The Pack is legendary; they dress in a cultish, almost effeminate style that’s at odds with the Boneheads and Bootboys they fight against. They have androgynous wedge haircuts worn with Lacoste tennis shirts, Lois jeans and Adidas Forest Hills training shoes. For as long as he has been going to football, Carty has been fascinated by The Pack. Now Elvis is offering him a way in…”

The trailer for “Awaydays” can be seen here.