WTF! Was one Manchester United fan asleep for the Chicharito winner v Newcastle?!

Manchester United’s 4-3 win over Newcastle was an epic Premier League encounter and it has had its fair share of crazy clips.

After having a good laugh at Sir Alex Ferguson’s chewing gum jumping out his mouth while he berated a linesman, a fair few Manchester United fans on social networks noticed a strange occurrence after Javier Hernandez’s late winner.

One of the fans behind the goal where Hernandez scored in simply appears to be asleep.

Yes, the supporter in the red bobble hat and red jacket, who can be seen front and centre on the picture on the left and on the video below at 0.10.

There must be some sort of explanation for the sleeping Manchester United fan, right?! No one could fall asleep in the final seconds of a 4-3 humdinger!

(Video credit to @Come_On_United).