WTF! Olivier Giroud’s thinks he’s offside, stops, misses scoring a sitter for Arsenal at Cardiff [Vine & Tweets]

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud made a poor error in judgement in the first half at Cardiff.

Midway through the opening 45, Arsenal’s French centre-forward broke through the Cardiff backline to give himself a clear goal scoring opportunity, but then shockingly the Gunner stopped.

Giroud thought Mesut Ozil had flicked on – a decision which the linesman never raised his flag for – and seconds later the chance was lost as the ball was nicked off Giroud’s toes.

Replays later showed that Ozil did indeed get a touch which made Giroud offside, but nevertheless abuse quickly flowed towards the Arsenal centre-forward.

Watch Olivier Giroud’s miss for Arsenal at Cardiff, along with the best comments on the episode.