WTF! Odense celebrated Jeppe Hansen birthday covering him with 4 kilograms of cinnamon & giving him red balls

Danish club Odense Boldklub may have the best banter in world football.

The club’s official YouTube channel released an unbelievable video this week showing what OB striker Jeppe Hansen got as a birthday present from his teammates.

In what was clearly a pre-planned well-organised prank, Odense’s training session was suddenly stopped as Hansen was pinned to the ground by a group of his teammates.

Once unable to move, the 25-year-old birthday boy was given his gift as he was drowned in four kilograms of cinnamon.


And if that wasn’t enough, Jeppe Hansen crazily agreed to have more pain inflicted upon him as, in a second video, the striker madly agreed to stand on a goalline with his bare bum revealed as teammate Martin Spelmann fired footballs at his uncovered cheeks.


Enjoy the two Jackass videos from Odense’s training ground this week below.