WTF! New Man United boss David Moyes criticises Premier League fixture list [Audio]

Talk about getting your excuses in early!

David Moyes told TalkSPORT: “I find it hard to believe that’s the way the balls came out of the bag, that’s for sure.”

Moyes continued: “I think it’s the hardest start for 20 years that Manchester United have had. I hope it’s not because Manchester United won the league quite comfortably last year [that] the fixtures have been made much more difficult.”

For the record, Manchester United’s first 5 games are: Swansea (A), Chelsea (H), Liverpool (A), Crystal Palace (H), Man City (A).

Seriously, this is quite pathetic. Its a 38 game season, you play every team twice. Deal with it!

You can imagine Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is licking his lips ahead of the visit to Old Trafford next week.

The only manager who could complain about a hard start, but hasn’t is Paul Lambert. Aston Villa’s first three games are: Arsenal (A), Chelsea (A), Liverpool (H).

David Moyes’ comments can be heard below.

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