WTF! Manchester United apologise for printing a symbol which resembled a Nazi Swastika in a club email

A crazy story developed on Saturday as Manchester United issued an apology for not publishing a Swastika.

Offense was caused by a this week’s edition of the United Uncovered email – a weekly email sent to supporters – which had an image that looked like a Nazi Swastika alongside a big headline that read “New Order”.

According to the Telegraph, New Order is “a term linked to Nazism following Adolf Hitler’s call in 1941 for a European New Order.”

After outrage spilled out on Twitter regarding the image, Manchester United’s Head of Media, David Sternberg (you couldn’t make up a better name!), apologised to those offended on the micro-blogging social platform.

Those apologetic tweets can be read below alongside the screengrab of the offensive article.