WTF! Man United executives impressed by how many Likes Ryan Giggs garnered on Instagram

The above two sentences may be among the most extraordinary written this week about David Moyes’ departure and Ryan Giggs taking over as Manchester United interim coach.

Jason Burt is one of the Daily Telegraph’s lead football writers and has effectively claimed today that Manchester United executives are keeping an eye on social media to decide who their next manager should be.

The full article is titled: “How Manchester United fell out of love with David Moyes” and we are told the startling admission in the section “Too regimented in training.”

We believe the picture referenced by Burt was that of Ryan Giggs when it was announced he was taking over from David Moyes.

This has currently 110,000 Likes on Instagram and was only surpassed yesterday by two more pictures of Ryan Giggs, which can also be seen below.

What happens if Louis van Gaal takes over and doesn’t get many Likes on Instagram?!