WTF invited you?! Chelsea’s Ashley Cole tagged along to Arsenal’s Christmas party, looking pretty merry [Picture]

Talk about being stuck in the past!

Ashley Cole, who grew up at Arsenal but left seven years ago for Chelsea – under infamously acrimonious circumstances – turned up at the Gunners’ Christmas party last night.

The man known as Cashley in North London for his bling-bling rep and the perception that he left his hometown club purely for the money, is a bit of a pariah at Arsenal these days, so the sight of him rocking up at their Christmas party was a curious one.

Although with Chelsea’s party cancelled, Cole can possibly be forgiven for tagging along.

By the looks of the picture, he had his share of Xmas sherry and had a good night, which is more than can be said for his mate, who looks a bit underwhelmed after apparently having beer spilled all over him.