Wow! Enganamouit Gaelle Deborah (FC Spartak) scores after 3 seconds v FC Pozarevac

We have a new contender for quickest goal ever scored from kick off!

On Saturday, FC Spartak won the Serbian Women’s Championship thanks to a 7-0 win over FC Pozarevac.

FC Spartak got off to the perfect start, with a goal after just 3 seconds from Enganamouit Gaelle Deborah who smashed an epic long ranger into the far corner of the net.

As of yet, no one in Serbia has claimed this as the “fastest goal ever” but it certainly goes close.

In September 2012, we featured Vuk Bakic (GSP Polet) scoring v Dorcol after just 2 seconds. (Second video below)

By dint of the fact that Bakic took the kick straight away, he may well still hold the record although there was plenty of consternation about whether this goal was legal as his strike partner is not standing in the correct position.

The previous recognised fastest goal, until Osinov’s strike, was widely considered to be Fred’s effort for Atletico Mineiro, timed at 3.17 seconds.

Other claimants include Michail Osinov, Nawaf Al Abed (Al Hilal) and Fred – see all those videos below.

First is the epic effort this week from Enganamouit Gaelle Deborah of FC Spartak.

Vuk Bakic (GSP Polet) scoring v Dorcol

Fred’s for América/MG at the Sao Paulo Junior’s Cup

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Michail Osinov (Mitos) v Olympia Gelendzhik

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Nawaf Al Abed (Al Hilal)v Al Shoalah

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