Worst Judgement Ever?! Red Star goalie Boban Bajković leave a free-kick, concedes soft goal

Red Star Belgrade goalkeeper Boban Bajković is receiving plenty of abuse on Friday after he conceded a ridiculous goal at Jagodina on Thursday.

With Red Star hold a 2-1 lead early in the second half, Jagodina levelled the contest when midfielder Milan Djuric delivered a free-kick that somehow trickled into the net.

Bajković’s FAIL began to unfold when the keeper got cocky that Djuric’s overhit set-play had been botched. The ball sailed towards the far post, and Bajković believed there was no threat on his goal as he opened his arms out wide signalling no imminent danger.

But Bajković was wrong. Very wrong.

Looking like an idiot, Bajković was left in a crumpled heap as the ball curled around his opened chest into the far post far one of the worst judgement calls ever.

Red Star Belgrade won the match 3-2.

See Boban Bajković’s epic FAIL below.