Worst. Goalie. Ever: Piotr Skiba (Farsley Celtic) vs AFC Telford (video)

So it’s now become apparent that Fenerbahce’s butter-fingers goalie Volkan Demirel is not the worst keeper of all-time. In fact he isn’t even the worst keeper this week. And if you thought you’d seen the worst non-league clip of the week with Rocky Baptiste’s miss of the season for Harrow Borough, well, think again.

Step forward Farsley Celtic’s Polish keeper Piotr Skiba who committed one of the all-time greatest errors last weekend in his side’s Conference North match against AFC Telford.

We pick up the action midway through the first half, after the home team had already taken a 1-nil lead in the contest. Telford, looking to equalise, pumped the ball upfield to the centre-forward Damian Reeves, but the number nine could only bend his shot straight into Piotr Skiba’s hands.

Cue one of the best/worst YouTube moments of the year.

Looking to launch a quick counter-attack, Skiba geared up to hurl the ball to a teammate after making his save. Only things went wrong. Horribly wrong. So horribly wrong in fact that, unbelievably, the next thing Skiba knew he was humiliatingly picking the ball out of his own net.

Thankfully it was to matter little in the long run, as Farsley Celtic ran out 3-1 winners over AFC Telford.

The incredible footage of Piotr Skiba scoring an own goal for Farsley Celtic can be seen here.