Worst. Free-Kick. Ever: Germany try elaborate routine v Algeria, Thomas Muller trips over himself! [Vines]

Germany had already tried something like this in the World Cup group stages; it didn’t come off that time either, but the result wasn’t as spectacularly bad as it was tonight.

As the game approached full-time and with the game heading into extra-time, Germany tried a choreographed free-kick routine.

Schweinsteiger, Kroos, and Muller stoood over the free-kick, but as he went to run over the ball, Muller tripped over himself.

The Bayern man then scurried back to his feet, and carried on with the routine, but the moment was gone.

Kroos still tried to scoop the ball over to Muller, but the timing and coordination was all off from the moment Muller fell.

Epic, epic FAIL.