Worst Foul of the Season: A female high-school player knees a grounded opponent in the face

“I let my emotions get the best of me and I took it too far. And I just want to apologise to Makenzie Clark and everyone. I’m sorry.” – Petiola Manu.


An American female high school soccer player, Petiola Manu, has attracted worldwide attention this week after she committed a horrific assault on opponent Makenzie Clark which was then uploaded onto YouTube before being picked up by local news in Utah.

The incident, which took place a couple of weeks ago in a match between East High and Woods Cross, captured a despicable assault as Manu, standing over a grounded Clark, proceeded to knee the young girl in the face without even a whiff of provocation.

“[I’m] grateful she didn’t hit her in the temple, that she didn’t break her jaw,” said Makenzie’s mother Susie Clark. “I mean, there were so many other things that could have gone wrong that were really, really lucky Makenzie was OK. I’m not naive. I know that soccer is a rough sport.”

In fairness to victim Makenzie Clark, whilst her head was obvious rocked backwards after the contact,. she appeared to take the blow like a champ rather than rolling around on the floor as is often seen in the professional game.

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Watch the contender for foul of the season below.

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