The worst Euro 2012 violence yet: Poland & Russian hooligans stage the Battle of Warsaw

The most troubling aspect of the violence that engulfed Warsaw on Tuesday night was that it was all so predictable.

Quite how anyone could approve a “march” through Warsaw by Russian fans ahead of what, on paper at least, was likely to be the hottest match, is beyond this author.

Questions also need to be asked of how Poland v Russia, an encounter steeped in a history of acrimony, was allowed to be played on Russia Day.

And this is before we get to all the violence and the fact the Russia fans smuggled in an absolutely massive “This is Russia” banner into the Stadion Narodowy.

In total, there have now been just under 200 arrests with plenty more expected.

And at least 15 supporters were badly injured with that number also set to rise. Rumours were rife of a Poland fan’s death just before kick off and although these have been dispelled, from the videos below, a fatality would not have been a surprise.

The fact the violence was also widespread at the end of the match also raises huge questions of the Polish police force.

Below are round-up videos of the violence, it seems likely that plenty more will emerge in the coming hours.

AP raw video of the Battle of Warsaw

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Fight between Poland & Russian fans in Warsaw

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Violent clashes ahead of Poland v Russia match

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Brutal clashes between Russian & Polish fans in Warsaw

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Polish fan found unconscious on the floor during Russian march

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Violence continues after Poland vs Russia match

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New footage: Brutal clashes between Russian & Polish fans in Warsaw

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