World Cup wind-up: South African radio try to ban a Millwall supporter from travelling

Much has been made of the violence and crime which threatens to undermine the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, so in an attempt to turn the tables on other nations radio host Darren Scott from Radio Jacaranda decided to play a prank call on a random Millwall fan.

Despite clearly having a think South African accent, Scott, claiming he was from the British Home Office, called up a Mr. Richards to discuss his travel plans to follow England this summer. Amazingly he managed to dupe the Lions’ season ticket holder that he was banned from entering the country.

Irate and shocked, Mr. Richards then played directly into the radio hosts’ hands as he reacted furiously to the news of his supposed banning order. Defending Millwall as a “sensational football club who’ve been the likes of Scunthorpe and Brighton recently,” the highlight of the segment came when the host antagonised his victim by blowing a vuvuzela down the line.

Although a little out of date, the brilliant radio stunt can be heard here.