Tahiti’s Tehau scores an unforgettable goal v Nigeria, team celebrate by boat paddling

On Monday night everyone – who wasn’t a Nigerian – was supporting minnows Tahiti in their opening Confederations Cup game. They lost 6-1 to the Super Eagles.

A squad made up of amateurs and one 33 year old pro playing in Greece, every neutral was willing Tahiti towards at least a respectable scoreline.

In truth, they’ll be happy with their 6-1 defeat as they managed to score a goal, against all odds.

3-0 down, Jonathan Tehau sneaked round the back from a corner to head in a goal that sent the crowd wild.

The celebration that followed was also special as the Tahiti players dedicated it to their people in a spectacular boat-paddling reenaction.

Watch the video of the goal and the ensuing celebrations below:

1371499982305 GIF: Tahiti perform an awesome team celebration following their shock goal