Will FIFA ever do anything about Argentina’s fixed 6-0 win over Peru in the 1978 World Cup?

There have been some crazy revelations in recent weeks surrounding one of the most controversial matches in World Cup history.

Currently in Argentina, Judge Noberto Oyarbide is leading an investigation into whether Argentina bribed their way to winning the 1978 World Cup and slowly the information is seeping into European consciousness.

The big claim came last week from former Peruvian senator Genaro Ledesma who told the court of law that a deal had been struck during the tournament between Argentinean dictator Jorge Videla and Peru’s then-president Francisco Bermudez.

With Argentina needing a 4-0 win against Peru to reach the 1978 World Cup final, Videla agreed to receive and imprison 13 Peruvian political dissidents and once the game was won, 6-0, a large shipment of grain was transferred from Argentina.

Incredibly, Argentina appears now to be coming round to the idea that not all was as it seemed in 1978 with former midfielder, and Spurs legend, Ricky Villa admitting:  “There is no doubt we were used politically.”

With Holland losing the 1978 final, the Dutch media have called for a FIFA investigation, with little success.

And Financial Times journalist Simon Kuper gave an excellent interview to the BBC earlier this week arguing that the world’s governing body will not investigate the 1978 World Cup because it would open up a massive can of worms. FIFA would also be forced to investigate South Korea’s wins over Spain and Italy in 2002, for example.

All the goals from Argentina 6 – Peru 0 are here.

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