Graphic: Why Michael Carrick should win PFA Player of the Year

Michael Carrick has received plenty of stick in his time at Manchester United, at times from his own fans.

That is no longer the case.

Playing a key role in the centre of United’s midfield, Carrick has become a fans favourite at Old Trafford and is a serious contender for the PFA Player of the Year Award.

Last week we showed you the Michael Carrick is the best forward passer in the league.

Produced by Puma, the graphic above shows just how good a season Michael Carrick has had. For more on PUMA players’ performance head to

Sure, Gareth Bale will probably win, but in truth Michael Carrick deserves a closer look for his vital role in United’s title winning season.

A video of Michael Carrick’s performance v Aston Villa can be seen below: