Why football needs Hawkeye: Kyle Naughton (Hull-Sheffield United) & Giorgos Karagounis (Villarreal-Panathinaikos)

Football’s governing bodies may view Hawkeye as krytonite, but as long as video evidence remains on the backburner boarder-line decisions with far reaching consequences will continue to benefit and harms teams in equal measure.

The past few days have witnessed two decisions in which a goal was given when the ball appeared not to have crossed the line, and then by contrast, a shot which appeared to have crossed the line was denied.

Having won their Champions League group ahead of Inter Milan, Greek outfit Panathinaikos are quietly building momentum as the dark horses in this season’s competition. Although no-one wants to talk about Pana’s chances, they are in a strong position to overcome Villarreal in the second leg in Athens to take their place in the last 8.

Henk Ten Cate’s side arguably should have won midweek in Spain but for a wafer-thin decision that went against the Prasinoi. On the half hour mark captain Giorgos Karagounis stepped up to take a free-kick, fully 40-yards out, looking to send a menacing ball into the mixer. Over-hitting his dead-ball, Karagounis’ set-play flew all the way through to home keeper Diego Lopez, but the goalie made a hash of the situation as he stepped back over his goalline to catch the ball. Despite the Greek protests lead by Gilberto Silva, the officials erred on the side of caution, the goal was denied, and Pana lost out on a crucial away goal.

The Karagounis’ free-kick can be seen here.

Unfortunately for Sheffield United, during last night’s FA Cup match at Hull they found themselves holding the short straw as a ‘goal’ which didn’t cross the line was awarded against them.

What Blades defender Kyle Naughton was trying to do remains a mystery, but the youngster was dealt a cruel blow by the officials as he watched his header hit the underside of his own bar, avoid crossing the line, but the goal was nevertheless given.

After the match, manager Kevin Blackwell was furious.

Blackwell: “We have lost a game we haven’t lost. The first goal isn’t a goal. They can stand here and try to persuade me until they are blue in the face, but that isn’t a goal.The official has made a decision and he is not 100% sure – that is what is the disgrace. Somehow we have lost and I don’t know how it is. If a manager and players get it wrong, you get sacked or dropped. If officials get it wrong they get a game the following week. I think when officials have as poor a game as that they should be made to face the reporters, as we are, and ask why those decisions they are made.”

Kyle Naughton’s own goal can be seen here.