Why do the pundits keep referring to Spurs’ manager as Harry Redknob?

A common line thrown out about new Spurs manager Harry Redknapp is that, as a friend of the media, the scrutiny by which he is judged is less stringent then some of his peers. The understanding is that Harry is the darling of the fifth estate.

However, there appears to be a backlash to the Redknapp love-in we are all accustomed to, with Jeff Stelling making the same verbal error as was previously commited by Aidren Childes on MOTD2.

It’s simple. It’s stupid. But both TV presenters called the Spurs supremo, Harry Redknob.


Adrian Chiles’ faux pas can be seen here, while Jeff Stelling error from last night’s broadcast on Sky can be seen here. (Apologies for the video quality.)