Why are you lying? Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari: ‘The penalty on Fred was the correct decision’ [Video]

Of the hundreds of millions of people who watched the World Cup opener last night, one person has gone on record as saying the penalty won by Fred was the correct decision.

That person, coincidentally, is Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.

After the game, Big Phil was adamant that the ref had made the decision, saying ‘I’ve watched it 10 times, and for me it was a penalty’.

On the video below, Scolari interjects to answer a question that it seems the Brazil media person is trying to veto, saying in English, ‘I’m going to answer the question’, then switching back to Portuguese, saying,

‘Oh, millions didn’t see a penalty? I saw a penalty…I saw a penalty. The referee has to make a decision.’

Either Big Phil doesn’t know the rules, which is highly unlikely, or he’s telling big fat porky pies.

(Translation: Paul Morrissey )