Who made the better save? Comparison of Casillas & Diego Lopez wonder ‘Paradons’ for Real Madrid

On Wednesday night, Iker Casillas made one of the saves of his illustrious career; and that’s saying something.

More, his save against Schalke proved pivotal; with Madrid only winning 1-0 at the time, a Schalke equalizer could have completely changed the game.

And with Casillas hailed as a Saint in his Madrid hometown, there’s naturally been an outpouring of praise for San Iker, with talk that he should now be reinstated to the La Liga team.

But others have pointed out that Diego Lopez made a very similar save last season – arguably better – on Dortmund’s Gundogan, and where was the nationwide repetition of the save then?

El Chiringuito watchers argued that this is all part of the political campaign to get Casillas back into the team at the expense of Lopez, so the Spanish show did their duty and showed both saves, asking viewers to vote for the best one.

So, which was better – Casillas’ or Lopez’s?