When Teammates Attack: Marcinho vs Denis (Corinthians)

It looks like the Corinthians squad cant wait for the Brazilian season to be over this weekend, after right-back Denis and midfielder Marcinho came to blows during their team’s training session on Friday.

The flare-up was sparked when Marcinho was on the receiving end of a high knee from Denis as the defender recklessly attempted to close down the midfielder in a training match. Incensed with Denis’ poor tackle, Marcinho reverted to eye-for-an-eye tactics by executing a filthy, calf-grazing two-footed tackle from behind on Denis which escalated their fight to the next level.

Cue the full on punch-up as the pair soon descended into a full-on brawl in front of their teammates and watching camera crews before a couple of players took it upoin themselves to break things up by tearing the pair off one-another.

The fight between Marcinho and Denis can be seen here.