When masked thugs attack: Universidad San Carlos vs Heredia

As if one horror fight wasn’t enough, sadly we have more footage of horrific football violence from last weekend as a group of masked men began beating the match officials at the end of the meeting between Universidad San Carlos and Heredia in Guatemala.

Local reports remain unclear as to what sparked the violence, with some suggestions being that the match referee had turned down awarding a penalty to the hosts at the death, leaving the match to end in a 1-all draw.

Whether that’s true or not, what is undeniable was the lamentable and brutal actions of a handful of masked Universidad San Carlos fans who, after the full-time whistle blew, intercepted the match official on the way back to their dressing room and began beating them in front of the watching masses.

Linesman Wilson Menchu (pictured) took the hardest beating, the referee’s assistant said to have needed over 20 stitches in his left leg after being used as a punch-bag for the thugs.

Footage of the violent Guatemalan pitch invaders can be seen here.