When Cheats Prosper: Frederik Faes (Green-Red Katelijne) vs Eendracht Zoersel

Although not keen followers of semi-professional Belgium football, we simply could not avoid bringing you this clip capturing a horrible act of bad sportsmanship. The footage comes from the match between Green-Red Katelijne (in the black, red and green strip) and Eendracht Zoersel last weekend.

The unwritten rule in football is that if one team purposely kicks the ball out of play in order that a player can receive medical treatment, the opposing team should return to ball to the side that brought about the stoppage.

Sadly, Katelijne forward Frederik Faes chose to ignore the widely held convention, much to the displeasure of the Zoersel, and it was no surprise that Faes required a police escort to help him leave the scene of the crime unscathed after the match.

Proving himself to be a bad sport, Frederik Faes’ goal against Eendracht Zoersel can be seen here.