Wheelchair-bound Neymar comforted by David Luiz as injured Brazil star boards ambulance at Rio Airport [Video & Pics]

There were emotional scenes in the Brazil camp last night, as injured Neymar bade farewell to his teammates at Rio airport.

Neymar Junior, who suffered a fractured vertebrae following a knee in the back from Colombia’s Zuniga, looked distraught and inconsolable as he sat in a wheelchair waiting to be taken to Brazil’s homebase, Granja Comary, where he’ll receive treatment for his injury.

Happily, it’s believed Neymar will not require surgery, but will be out for 4 weeks in convalescence and recovery.

David Luiz, Bernard and other bade an emotional goodbye to their friend and teammate, as they prepare to win the World Cup without, and for Ney Junior.

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