What is the best first touch you have ever seen? A top 10 list…

There were many gasping in wonder on Tuesday night, as Olivier Giroud plucked the ball out the air for Arsenal’s second goal against West Ham.

For a spell on social media, “Bergkamp-esque” was used by all and sundry, which for an Arsenal striker is about as high praise as you can get.

So, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers, what is the best first touch you have ever seen and it brought some interesting responses.

Dennis Bergkamp, Dimitar Berbatov, Roberto Baggio, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo – its basically a list of some of the classiest forwards to ever grace the game.

Here is a top 10 list from the feedback we received. Feel free to disagree/add to the debate in the comments.

Videos are in chronological order…

Alex Del Piero (Juventus) v Fiorentina, 1994

Dennis Bergkamp (Holland) v Argentina, 1998

Rivaldo (Barcelona) v Deportivo La Coruna

Roberto Baggio (Brescia) v Juventus, 2001

Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal) v Newcastle, 2002

Ronaldinho (Flamengo) v Fluminense, 2011

Luis Suarez (Liverpool) v Newcastle, 2012

Mesut Ozil (Real Madrid) v Barcelona, 2013

Dimitar Berbatov (Fulham) v Aston Villa, 2013

Lionel Messi – on lots of occasions!

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