What could possibly go wrong? Harry Redknapp thinks Joey Barton can be role model for Ravel Morrison [Video]

Harry Redknapp is the latest manager to be burdened with what to do with Ravel Morrison.

The precocious talent has been sent on loan to QPR, where he hopes to get more game time that he was at West Ham.

But try as he may, young Ravel’s still managed to get himself into a spot of bother at QPR, whipping out a cigarette on the bench a few weeks back, right in front of his manager.

And now Redknapp has come up with a great idea on how to channel Ravel’s youthful rage, nominating angelic Joey Barton to be his role model.

Redknapp cited the fact that they’ve ‘both had their problems’, and that Barton can be a reformed figure for Morrison to look up to.

Barton guiding Morrison through life: what could possibly go wrong?

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