What are you doing?! Hull’s David Meyler tackled a young boy during a kids relay race at Southampton

With Christmas not too far in the offing it looks like Hull City’s David Meyler is positioning himself as The Grinch.

A weird incident was spotted at Southampton on Saturday as a young boy had his participation in the famous Saints halftime relay race disrupted by the 24-year-old Irish international.

For anyone unaware, during halftime of ever Southampton home match, a collection of fans are invited onto the St Mary’s pitch to take part in a relay race around the pitch. Fans have to run between markers carrying a football, while the last person can only win when they kick the ball in the net.

Accordingly, as the final leg of race was happening on Saturday, Hull’s team began walking out on the field for the second half, and while most players got out the way of the kids Meyler decided to tackle a young boy. His team eventually lost as a result.

Watch David Meyler ruin a fun kids game below.