West Ham boss Sam Allardyce says Liverpool should sack their coach driver if he can’t park properly [Video]

Rather than simply brushing aside the issue, West Ham boss Sam Allardyce has fanned the flames of an argument with Liverpool about parking on Monday at is presser before the Arsenal game.

Following Liverpool’s win at West Ham in the Premier League two weeks ago, Reds captain Steven Gerrard took a pop at the Hammers saying they tried underhanded tricks to gain an advantage before the game.

According to Gerrard, the Liverpool’ team coach wasn’t allowed to park in the usual place at Upton Park which forced the players with a walk to the dressing room.

Gerrard said “It was a very tricky game. We knew what to expect and we got a bit more than we expected – a hot dressing room, a dry pitch and the bus had to park a mile away.”

Amid picture evidence showing that the Liverpool bus did managed to park outside the ground (see above), Sam Allardyce was asked about those comments on Monday, and the West Ham manager fired back with a comedy quip. The Irons boss said:

If the coach driver was sufficiently qualified to back the coach into the space every other coach driver backs it into, it is hardly our fault.  Sack the coach driver and get a better one!

Watch Sam Allardyce’s comments below.