West Brom’s Nicolas Anelka performed an anti-semitic celebration after scoring against West Ham [Picture]

Nicolas Anelka impressed on his return at West Ham, scoring a 5 minute brace for his West Brom side.

However, his celebration was clouded in controversy and will surely be a huge talking point when major newspapers pick up on it.

French, anti-semitic comedian, Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, popularised the gesture known to be a ‘Nazi salute in reverse’ and appears to have a fan in Nicolas Anelka.

Anelka only performed the celebration after the first goal but French media outlets have been widely reporting the anti-semitic gesture.

Surely a ban is in order for the journeyman striker?

For more context, French football and social expert Philippe Auclair explained the meaning behind the gesture:

In the picture below, he can be seen doing the gesture, ‘la quenelle’, with Dieudonne himself.


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