Were Tottenham right to keep Hugo Lloris on the pitch at Everton after his head injury? [GIF & Tweets]

The major talking point following Everton 0 – Tottenham 0 was the injury which befell Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris.

Lloris looked to be in serious trouble when the French international to a knee in the head from the powerful Everton striker Romelu Lukaku.

Medics rushed on the pitch to attend the to keeper, but fears were calmed as Lloris began moving around pretty quickly.

Then came the controversy as Spurs waited a long time to see if their medical staff would allow Lloris to come back on the pitch. Brad Friedel was readied on the sidelines, and a waiting game transpired.

Eventually Lloris was given the ok to rejoin the action, but many were left wondering whether Tottenham’s decision to send the keeper back on was the right one.

A series of Tweets questioning Tottenham’s decision to play Lloris until full time are below.