Were they drunk? An incredibly dumb own goal at 12th National Games of China

Sit back and get ready to watch the most ridiculous own goal you’ve seen in a very long time.

Liaoning played Xinjiang in the semifinals of an U20 tournament at the National Games of China on Sunday, and the match was settled by a horrendous own goal from Xinjiang.

The action started in the 62nd minute when a Xinjiang defender only managed to smack the ball up in the air when trying to repel a Liaoning attack in his own box.

After the ball dropped out the air another Xinjiang defender tried his luck at doing his job, but inside he stupidly ballsed-up a bicycle-kick clearance. However, as the ball trickled towards the Xinjiang goalie it still looked like everything would turn out ok.

It didn’t.

The spinning ball bounced straight at the goalie, who failed to control it with his feet only to see the ball trickle into the back on the net.

Watch Xinjiang’s incredibly dumb own goal at 12th National Games of China below.